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Maxed Out in Moab Utah


Thanks to Librarian Charlotte Hurley and the Grand County Library, Maxed Out Puppetry had a wonderful time among the stunning scenery of Moab Utah during the first weekend of August.  Despite the blazing summer sun, we were able to visit the natural wonder of Arches National Park.  In addition to the natural formations, thousands of years before puppetry there were Petroglyphs and on Charlotte’s recommendation we went to check out the ancient rock drawings of the Fremont culture as well as even more ancient dinosaur footprints preserved in the rocks nearby.

On Saturday the 1st we performed at the historic Star Hall on Center Street. Star Hall was constructed in 1905 and has served the community for over 100 years. The show went splendidly. We had a great audience and we introduced some great new material. We danced like puppets, Tyson tried to do a magic trick with unexpected results, we got attacked by a giant man-eating snake, and everyone had a blast.

This is the second time we have visited Moab to perform and we look forward to going again. Another big thanks to our favorite Grand Country Librarian, Charlotte Hurley for having us!

Arches National Park

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