Maxed Out Puppetry

Puppet-Comedy Troupe



Maxed Out Puppetry has been sharing their own fun, wacky brand of puppet comedy with audiences of all ages in Utah since 1998.

If you would like to book Maxed Out Puppetry to perform a puppet show or teach a puppetry workshop, please see our booking information page.


Maxed Out Puppetry originated as an odd-ball university comedy group called Max Fractal Chaomedy. The group was founded at BYU by cousins J. Max Wilson and R. Max Wilson along and friend Sean Healy.


R. Max’s long fascination with puppetry quickly lead the group to explore some puppet comedy in their shows and people in the audience loved it.  All eleven of them! (three not counting friends and family.)

One day, on a visit to the the local Orem City Public Library, members of the troupe discovered a large collection of hand puppets behind a staff door that was accidentally left (err…pushed) open.  A librarian caught them admiring the puppets.


“So you guys like puppets?” she asked. “Why don’t you come perform a puppet show for the library?”

A few short weeks later, the group performed at the library to a room bursting with laughing children and their parents and Maxed Out Puppetry was born.

The troupe soon became acquainted with members of the Puppetry Arts Guild of Utah and thanks to a generous equipment donation from Utah-based robotic puppetry company Robotronics, began to perform at other venues.


Since then Maxed Out Puppetry has performed throughout the state for libraries, festivals, cub scout troops, company parties, and birthdays and is repeatedly a favorite local group at the acclaimed Timpanogos Storytelling Festival, at which they have performed every year since 2002.

The troupe also began teaching instructional workshops on basic puppet performance techniques and has provided puppetry training instruction for state-wide cub scout leadership sessions, librarians groups, and school children.

Picture of Maxed Out Puppetry 2010

Current Puppeteers

  • J. Max Wilson
  • R. Max Wilson
  • Kelly Wilson
  • David Wilson
  • Heather Graham

Emeritus Puppeteers

  • Sean Healy – Sean left us to study Computational Linguistics in Poland, France, & Portugal
  • Patrick Svensen – Patrick moved to New York City and got married
  • Chastity Wilson – Still gives us a ton of help and does a lot of background work
  • Caitlin Shirts – Moved to Connecticut to pursue a Masters degree in Puppetry

Frequent Collaberators

  • Ben Wilson (musician)
  • Chris Wilson (musician)
  • Mr. Tim (musician)
  • Joe Flores (Artist, Designer, Mime)